Helping the Helpers - Not all Injuries are Visible

The 10th Annual Awareness & Education Day for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

October 26, 2024 • Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Community Support Fund

Community Support Fund

Helping the Helpers Committee Community Funding Support may provide funding to an individual front-line professional in need who is suffering an acute episode (first three months) of PTSD. The front-line professional is described as from one of the following disciplines: Paramedicine, Police, Fire Fighters, Military, Nursing, Social Work, Correctional Officers, Funeral Directors, Tow Truck Operators, 911 Call Operators, 911 Dispatchers and Search and Rescue.

January 1st of each calendar year is when funding is decided and the budget for the Community Funding Support Sub-Committee is based upon availability of funding. If funding is exhausted before the end of the calendar year, funding requests will be deferred until January 1st and re-evaluated depending on funding availability.

Funding Eligibility must include the following criteria:

  • Individuals must be residents of Nova Scotia
  • Acute (less than 3 months) episode of PTSD
  • Front-line professionals as:
    • Paramedicine
    • Police
    • Fire Fighters
    • Military
    • Nursing
    •  Social Worker
    • Correctional Officers
    • 911 Call Operators
    • Funeral Directors
    • Tow Truck Operators
    • Search and Rescue
Funding Guidelines
  1. The following items will be considered for funding support:
    • Psychological therapy (by accredited professionals)
    • Groceries
    • Shelter costs (rent/mortgage)
    • Electricity/heat/oil
  2. Maximum funding will be $500 for each fiscal year.
  3. Funds will be distributed to an individual per acute episode.
  4. Vendors will be paid directly by the Sub-Committee. Cash will not be given directly to applicant.
Review Process
  1. Approval of budget by Helping the Helpers Committee by January 1st of each calendar year.
  2. Review of applications will be conducted by a sub-committee of Helping the Helpers committee, which is Community Funding Supports.
  3. Applications will be reviewed monthly or as needed and eligibility for funding will be determined.
  4. Every effort will be made to expedite the process but applicants will be contacted up to 5 business days following submission of application.
  5. Payments will be paid directly to the vendor on applicant’s behalf.
Contact Form
Every effort will be made to expedite the process but applicants will be contacted up to 5 business days following submission of application.

    Preferred method of contact

    [group group-455]

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    What is your Occupation/Affiliation?

    ParamedicinePoliceFire FighterMilitaryNursingSocial WorkCorrectional Officers911 Call Operators & DispatchersFuneral DirectorsTow Truck OperatorsSearch and Rescue

    Choose a following item for funding support

    Psychological therapy (Doctor Referral)GroceriesShelter Costs (Rent/Mortgage)Electricity/Heat/Oil


    Declaring the applicant is agreeable to us gathering only as much personal information as necessary in order to determine eligibility and non identifying information will be gathered to provide statistics on usage of funding support.

    That the information they are providing is true to the best of their knowledge.

    Click Submit below and allow up to five business day for a reply.

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    Your Privacy Information

    We are aware of and wish to respect confidentiality of our applicants. After applications are reviewed, the lead or alternate member will contact applicant and gather pertinent information. This information will be discussed by the sub-committee and a decision will be made.

    Your information will be treated with out most respect and will never be stored or provided to any third party.